18% of the worlds population have no access to electricity. 

and a fuRther 15% only have access to unreliable and inconsistent electricity.

"Energy poverty condemns billions to darkness, ill health, unfulfilled futures and repeated cycles of poverty."

- UN Foundation


BrightBeam is committed to changing this cycle and bringing illuminated futures to all ... one family at a time.

Our Goal is to be able to provide the basic living need of light and recharge power to the billions of people who survive without it.

By doing so, we can help increase human safety, provide energy for essential communication, increase health and open up many opportunities that being left in the dark takes away.

Live with light


Enabling light and energy that is clean, renewable, free and in the process, transforming lives.

When pioneering technology meets innovative thinking, complex global challenges such as energy poverty can be overcome.

We recognise the links between product design and global sustainability issues, taking a socially and environmentally responsible approach to all phases of product development, from concept right through to end-of-life.


Illuminating futures

The BrightBeam is a formidable power source.

High-performance solar panels are quick to recharge the internal batteries, offering customers the opportunity to light and power their homes or emergency accommodation like never before. A single day’s recharge of the BrightBeam allows for simultaneous use and/or charging of connected devices, while still enabling customers to light their homes all night.