Illuminating the lives and temporary homes of people in crisis

Specifically designed for refugee and disaster situations by being incorporated into tents used for emergency accommodation, Doble’s BrightBeam PowerPole is a world first that forever changes the landscape of light and power needs for people in crisis. Fixed, solar charged power that can charge mobile devices and light that produces security, comfort and the ability to learn. 

  • Dual direction light (front and back)
  • 2 light settings (high, low)
  • Fully integrated solution
  • High speed solar panel
  • Recharge phones via built in USB port

2 light settings

HIGH - 50 lumens: Suitable for cooking and reading for upto 12 hours*

LOW - 5 lumens: Suitable safety light for upto 120 hours*

* With both front & back lights running at the same time

It’s solar

A high performance solar panel allows the PowerPole to be recharged at a rapid rate